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  About Us
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Direct Turquoise Blue 86 since 1981. By 1990 we developed paper grade quality with the guidance of our valued Japanese customer and also developed ink additive (Mono Sulpho CPC Blue P / C) with the help of our valued German Customer in the year 2002.


We have all the necessary Equipment and Technology to test Intermediate products, products under process and Final products to meet the required standard of our valued World Wide Customers.


Parag Dyestuff is an Environment Friendly company. We properly treat our effluent before discharging to our Vatva G.I.D.C. Common Effluent Treatment Plant (GESCSL) meeting all the CETP inlet norms prescribed & approved by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board. (Govt. of Gujarat). We are also disposing of the treated solid waste (Gypsum Salt) at the Govt. approved common solid waste disposal facility (GESCSL - TSDF). Parag Dyestuff is adhering to all the norms required for ISO 14001 - 2004 Certification (Environment Management System).